Weight Loss on a Deeper level

The Power of the Mind & Body

Similar to when a person needs to see a chiropractor because their body is out of alignment, 
sometimes the mind needs some subconscious support to align the conscious and subconscious. 

There are two part of your mind. The Conscious Mind and the Subconscious Mind. Your conscious mind is where your logic, willpower, reason, rationality, and deductive reasoning is held. It's the part of the mind that we use a majority of the day. However, it only accounts for about 10% of the mind! The remaining 90% is comprised of the subconscious, which is purely reactive with emotions in the experiences we have or things that trigger unwanted behavior responses. The subconscious incorporates our primitive and innate abilities like fight or flight and breathing. However, lacks any logic or reason. 

Everything within your subconscious mind is learned through associations (good and bad) that we make from the moment we are born until today. For example, from the moment you are born you may have created the association that carbohydrates are part of your normal diet, until one day you decide you want to cut them out. Surely willpower can allow you to remove them, but willpower alone can only last so long until the subconscious mind feels deprived of its regular way of being. By creating new associations in the subconscious mind through hypnotherapy, one can begin to align the conscious wants with subconscious motivations. 

Subconscious support can help you reach your goals in a variety of way.

Alexandra Janelli, is considered one of New York City’s premier hypnotherapists who has worked with Academy Award Nominee Actors, world-renowned photographers, singers, top-level executives, and professionals across many sectors of business. She has also worked with students and children. As featured on MTV, Swell City Guide, Dossier Journal, The New Yorker, Time Out Chicago, and various other publications for her Hypnotherapy and creativity, Alexandra helps clients push through and past their blocks to achieve their goals with the power of her hypnotherapeutic-based approach. Whether you are looking to improve your life, lose weight, or detox your body, Theta Spring is here to help you accomplish this is a variety of ways!

Private support

Private coaching and hypnotherapy session allow you to maximize your effort through customized in-person sessions. By working one-on-one with Alexandra you can get to the root of any issues through dynamic problem solving, coupled with hypnotherapy and the power of your subconscious to create change quickly and effortlessly. It's the easiest way to unblock and access the life you want! 


at home support

You can go it alone and still feel supported with our At Home Programs. These programs can be loaded into your smart phone, computer, or tablet in order to have support anytime you need it.

Email support is also provided to any clients that have chosen this option. All you need to do is breathe, listen, and change!

group support

(detox clients only) Power in numbers. Whether you get a group together or you join one of our group sessions, we are looking forward to helping you find your path by knowing you are not alone in this process! 

contact us below to learn more about this option! 

If you are looking to host a group detox or would like to join a group detox, please contact us below!

Support while you detox